Hello there, and welcome to the world of Chez Charlotte. An online vintage boutique offering a highly curated selection of proper vintage clothes -  without the faff!

Do you love vintage but find the tedium of hunting through a mothball filled cave, or page after page on eBay, a little too much to bear? Do you care about the environment and sustainability as much as you care about personal style and fab fashions? Do you get continuously disappointed when you search through a vintage shop only to realise that what's on offer isn't genuine vintage? Do you want to support more small, female-owned, sustainable businesses after the wake up call of Covid-19? Then Chez Charlotte is most definitely for you...

Chez Charlotte was founded in 2020 by Charlotte Dallison, writer and podcaster, based in Melbourne, Australia. Since age 14 she's spent her pocket money on vintage clothing to create unique and timeless looks for all occasions. Through this she’s found a true sense of style, empowerment and individuality. She wants you to share in the joys of wearing vintage but avoid all the rubbish that tends to come with the hunt for decent vintage clothes. By wearing more vintage one can find a sense of empowerment, a new-found confidence and their own unique style - which usually results in feeling more at home in themselves. 

Through her online store, regular market stalls, pop ups & trunk shows, Charlotte has created a uniquely boutique atmosphere for her brand. She hopes that you enjoy her varied curation of high-calibre 20th century vintage.

Visit Charlotte's personal website & blog here.


A few notes on the Chez Charlotte business model...

Our Ethos

We have a question for you, dear customer: when did shopping become so boring?

Anyone who actually enjoys shopping is nostalgic for the day when the boutique experience reigned supreme. The rise of online shopping and the industry domination of fast-fashion reached it’s peak during the last recession, however a desire for curation and customer service is returning to the average (and above average) shopper.

Buying online needn’t be robotic and lacklustre anymore, much like buying in bricks-and-mortar needn’t be old fashioned. Instead shopping at Chez Charlotte is an opportunity for spontaneity, joy and leads to finding your next treasured piece of clothing, whether you shop with us online or at one of our frequent trunk shows, pop ups or market stalls.

Never forget we are always here to help! Just get in touch



The majority of the pieces have been sourced direct from the wardrobes of collectors and mature women - all of whom live in the cosmopolitain city of Melbourne. Charlotte spent years working at an auction house and is well aware of how much treasure there is out there. And so far she's had no trouble finding plenty of gems to share with her Chez Charlotte customers. It has been a real joy for us to meet and work with so many wonderful women who have led such interesting lives in these clothes. 

Many items, especially accessories, have come from great dealers based throughout the country. The expertise and eye of a decent collector is second-to-none and it’s our pleasure to share this level of expertise with our customers. 

Our intention is to be able to source overseas when travel is safe again. But for now we am sourcing locally in Australia, and so far the results have been fruitful. Look out for ‘fab facts’ in each product description as you may get to know more about the original owner of a piece! And if you have something vintage you'd like to on to us then Give us you Granny's Clothes.



As vintage sizing varies so much (some of these vintage pieces were originally homemade or custom made too) sizing can be a little harder to grasp. Therefore rather than sticking to a traditional size chart all product measurements have been written out individually in each product description along with an approximate size of XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. You are able to search your approximate size in the sidebar.

Never forget the power of a good tailor and do remember if you have something altered to fit you, then it should fit perfectly. Tailoring needn’t be expensive either, as often this can be done through your local dry cleaner. If you have question about a piece’s sizing, or are wondering whether it would be easily altered, then do get in touch. We are also happy to offer the contacts of the tailors we have used and loved in London, Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. 

As you may or may not know it is incredibly hard to source lager sizes when dealing with predominantly mid-century vintage clothing. As we're currently restricted to sourcing within Australia we are finding it even harder to find larger sized items here from the periods we are most interested in. However it is our intention to be able to offer a variety of sizes and to cater to all body shapes. In the near future there is potential for Chez Charlotte to stock more modern brands with vintage elements, and we are working on producing our own capsule collection of classic clothing. As we do this we will strive to cater to as many sizes as possible.


Need a Hand?

We know how daunting it can be when buying online, more so with vintage as it tends to be a little less predictable than high street brands (but isn't that what makes it so great?). We now offer a personal styling service, via email, free of charge for our customers.

If you need a hand selecting or sourcing a specific vintage piece for your figure and personal style then please get in touch with your measurements, a brief description of the things you tend to be drawn to, and what it is you are searching for. We are here to help and love connecting our customers with their next vintage piece, knowing it will fit and suit them perfectly! How fabulous is that?


Caring for your Vintage

We know that caring for delicate things can feel burdensome at times. However most of our offerings are surprisingly low-maintenance. In each product description we describe the best way to wash and care for each piece. You'd be surprised at how much dry-cleaning can be avoided with hand-washing. 

We recommend The Laundress products for hand-washing. These products are available online and in-store from Lore Perfumery in Melbourne (who ship nationwide & internationally). The Laundress also have a fab Youtube channel which shares snappy videos on how to hand-wash. 

Beyond that we believe that whilst vintage can seem fragile, these pieces have lasted for a reason and deserve to be worn, put on display and enjoyed. 



Shopping vintage is one of the most sustainable ways to build a beautiful wardrobe. This is because you are essentially recycling clothing in the most literal and fabulous way. Beyond that, the other brands we have began to buy from are all small, female owned, often completely eco-friendly, small businesses, whom Chez Charlotte strives to support. All of the brands we buy from offer classic designs at great quality, meaning there won't be any risk of you tiring of the garments or them tiring of you! 

The clothes are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper before sending them out to each customer. All garment swing tags are recyclable and everything is sent out in a compostable mailer by noissue.

Chez Charlotte is also run from a home office that uses 100% green electricity.



There is a reason so many 20th century clothes are still in existence, and that is that they were built to last. We search for the very best quality pieces possible and believe that quality is the key to a long-lasting, sustainable wardrobe. We have had most of our items available restored and professionally cleaned prior to selling. As vintage is sometimes prone to a bit of irreparable wear-and-tear, it is normal to expect some imperfections in some of the items we sell. Any noticeable imperfections will be pointed out in the product description. 


Shipping, Taxes & Postage

Chez Charlotte ships via Australia Post both domestically and internationally. Shipping prices are tiered between domestic, trans-Tasman and international. We don’t need to tell you that we are all experiencing bad delays with postage at the moment. Because of this we are not currently offering next day shipping with Australia Post. If you are desperate to see your piece as soon as possible then please email us as soon as you place your order and we may be able to send it via DHL at a small additional cost, which will come as a secondary invoice to your inbox to be paid immediately. 

All prices shown include Australian GST. If you are shopping from overseas the the GST amount will adjust at checkout to reflect the appropriate local taxes for your location. This is all automated by Shopify

Shipping is performed every Tuesday and Saturday. 


Gift Vouchers

Chez Charlotte now offer virtual gift vouchers at the value of AUD $50, $100 or $250. Valid from one year of the purchase date. You can see more information on gift cards here.



We know how important it is to try things on before making them a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. In that we now offer returns on items that do not fit or that do not suit your tastes. If you need to return an item please email us to arrange the return. 

Due to the delicate nature of 20th century vintage, and the fact that we scour the country to find you these gorgeous vintage gems, it is important to take extra care when first trying on a piece from us so as not to damage it.

We ask that you please read all product descriptions, which outline each individual garments measurements and any noticeable faults, before purchasing anything from Chez Charlotte. This is the best way to ensure a great purchase that will fit you perfectly and not involve any surprises!

Note: Discounted items are strictly non-returnable & non-refundable.


Give us your Granny's Clothes!

If you have a vintage piece you're personally ready to say goodbye to or are helping your granny clear out her wardrobe and come across some gems, please get in touch. We buy vintage directly off of all sorts of wonderful people and would love to help you and the planet by buying then reselling any vintage you are ready to let go of. 

Please note anything you sell you will be required to repair and dry-clean before delivering to Chez Charlotte. Unfortunately we are not offering consignments at this time. 


Loans & Rentals


We understand that you may just want to wear a piece once, and given that sustainability is at the core of our business model we now offer a rental service. As a customer you just pay 20% of the RRP, along with a courier and drycleaning fee, and the piece is yours for up to seven days of fun. This is a great option if you need something specific for an event, are experimenting with your style, or are only in town for a short while and need to keep your suitcase light but want to dress up! 

Please note that this service is only available in Australia and that you will just be required to sign a small agreement to ensure the piece is protected. 


Chez Charlotte loves to collaborate with like-minded creatives! If you are a stylist or costume designer and keen to borrow something then please get in touch.

All loans for press will require you to sign a contract and all pieces must be dry-cleaned before their return and can only be loaned for up to seven days.


Diversity & Inclusivity

For now this business is a one woman band with a group of wonderful freelance helpers. As we build the business and the team, we hope to continue to hire a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. It is important that the world of Chez Charlotte reflect the progressive part of the world we live in and we want to use this business to champion diversity and inclusivity. 

Chez Charlotte clothing is for anyone. It is not a brand exclusive to a certain type of person of any age, race or gender. The brand's essence is built on femininity throughout the 20th century, however it is for anybody to enjoy and engage with. We hope the brand can make everyone feel welcome in the world of Chez Charlotte. 

In future, as the brand hosts more live events, we will not tolerate any unsavoury behaviour towards minorities or disenfranchised communities.

Everyone is welcome at Chez Charlotte!


Let's Meet in Person!

We know how important it is to try items on before purchasing, hence our generous returns policy. Whilst we are firstly an online store we also host regular, covid-safe trunk shows, pop ups' and market stalls in Melbourne's South Yarra & Fitzroy, and plan on hosting a pop up in Sydney's Kings Cross soon as well. Just keep an eye on our homepage banners and Instagram bio for more details, and email or DM us if you'd like to be put on the list for either city.

Personally we are nostalgic for the days of boutique shopping and we aim to emulate that style of personable shopping in the virtual and pop-up world. 


See you darlings soon!

Images by Hunter & Bloom Photography and Jess Eisner