Diversity & Inclusivity

For now this business is a one woman band with a group of wonderful freelance helpers. As we build the business and the team, we hope to continue to hire a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. It is important that the world of Chez Charlotte reflect the progressive part of the world we live in and we want to use this business to champion diversity and inclusivity. 

Chez Charlotte clothing is for anyone. It is not a brand exclusive to a certain type of person of any age, race or gender. The brand's essence is built on femininity throughout the 20th century, however it is for anybody to enjoy and engage with. We hope the brand can make everyone feel welcome in the world of Chez Charlotte. 

In future, as the brand hosts more live events, we will not tolerate any unsavoury behaviour towards minorities or disenfranchised communities.

Everyone is welcome at Chez Charlotte!