Loans & Rentals

Loans & Rentals


We understand that you may just want to wear a piece once, and given that sustainability is at the core of our business model we now offer a rental service. As a customer you just pay 20% of the RRP, along with a courier and drycleaning fee, and the piece is yours for up to seven days of fun. This is a great option if you need something specific for an event, are experimenting with your style, or are only in town for a short while and need to keep your suitcase light but want to dress up! 

Please note that this service is only available in Australia and that you will just be required to sign a small agreement to ensure the piece is protected. 


Chez Charlotte loves to collaborate with like-minded creatives! If you are a stylist or costume designer and keen to borrow something then please get in touch.

All loans for press will require you to sign a contract and all pieces must be dry-cleaned before their return and can only be loaned for up to seven days.